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John Eldredge – “Wild at Heart” Author
Bob, I so love your show. You have been holding forth & holding fast to the faith, it’s just so impressive, buddy. Well done. You are bold, you are courageous….I’m cheering you
Dr. James Dobson
You do a great job, Bob. I appreciate what you're doing for the Lord
Lee Strobel
I appreciate you, love you Bob, and love what you're doing. So glad for you and your program and your emphasis on defending the faith & the historicity of Scripture
Josh McDowell
Bob, we need more people like you on the radio. I appreciate you so much, my friend
James Robison
Bob, thank you for the marvelous way you communicate truth in love without wavering or compromising. You are a master communicator, it's a joy to listen to you. You have a wonderful gift.....thank God for you.
Chuck Swindoll
Bob, you have made it simple so a person doesn't need to go and get a Ph.D. in apologetics. You have simplified the process for most people. Thank you Bob for all you do.
Fmr. Southern Evangelical Seminary President
Alex McFarland
Bob, I've got such a great respect for you and the work you do as a broadcaster, a defender of the faith and an apologist.
Dr. Erwin Lutzer
Bob, I so appreciate your ministry.
Chuck Norris
Keep up the great work, Bob. You're doing an incredible job and I commend you for that.
Kirk Cameron
Bob, I love that you're such a great defender of the faith.
Os Guinness
Bob, You're doing a magnificent job calling people back to the full consequence of the truth.
President of Operation Rescue
Troy Newman
Bob, you are a champion of the pre-born.
Founder of Wallbuilders
David Barton
Bob, I appreciate all you do. Thank you, Bro.
“5 Love Languages” Author
Gary Chapman
Keep up the good work, Bob. I appreciate what you do.
“Birth Order Book” Author
Dr. Kevin Lehman
Bob, you have a great expertise and grasp for things empirical and factual.
Co-Founder of NBA's Orlando Magic
Pat Williams
Bob, I love your work and love what you’re doing.

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I publish this podcast in order to help prepare you to defend the Christian faith.

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